Tommy made a few small British films in the late 1950s and 1960s​​
And the Same to You (1960) 70 minutes​​ - Tommy played Horace Hawkins. He was a punchy drunk, dim-witted pugilist. He found himself in the company of Brian Rix and Sid James amongst others. The screenplay for this film was based on the play The Chigwell Chicken
  1. Tommy played Horace Hawkins in 'And The Same to You'
    Tommy played Horace Hawkins in 'And The Same to You'
  2. On the Set of 'The Cool Mikado'
    On the Set of 'The Cool Mikado'
  3. With Frankie Howerd, Michael Winner and Stubby Kaye
    With Frankie Howerd, Michael Winner and Stubby Kaye
​The Cool Mikado (1962) 81 minutes - Tommy played Pooh-Bah, Private Detective. Tommy starred along with a bevy of other British variety stars of the time, including Frankie Howerd, Mike and Bernie Winters, Lionel Blair and from the U.S.A. Stubby Kaye.

The script was adapted from the Gilbert and Sullivan opera The Mikado.

Interestingly, this was one of the earliest feature films made by British director Michael Winner. The man who would later make the Death Wish series of films.

The Plank​  (1967) 54 minutes - Scripted by Eric Sykes. Tommy played the larger workman. Classic short British comedy, almost silent, full of stars. The film tells how Sykes and Cooper need one plank to complete a floor, but get into scrapes galore when transporting the lumber from the timber yard to a building site. 

Co-starring was Eric Sykes, Jimmy Edwards, Deryck Guyler, Jimmy Tarbuck and a host of other British comedy stars.

Tommy's role was originally ear-marked for non other than Peter Sellers. But he had other commitments. Eric said later, 'As much as I admired Peter and I think Peter was a genius, I don't think he would have been, for my money, in the same class as Tom.'

The Plank with all the stars signatures was sold at an auction in Colchester on 5 December 2011 for £1,050. It had been previously won by a family in Clacton for being the 100,000th visitors at an Ideal Homes Exhibition.
Cast of ​It's Your Move
In the early 1980s, Tommy again teamed up with Eric to make this next film. ​It's Your Move (1982) 52 Minutes

Scripted again by Eric Sykes Tommy played a removal man. The film, mainly silent, also stars Eric Sykes and Jimmy Edwards, this time with additional support from Richard Briers and other great British comics.

This film tells the story of a newly married couple who move into their first house and bring chaos to the street with the arrival of the removal men, led by Eric.